Uplighting & Wall Washing

Uplighting produces a dynamic effect and can add elegance to a plain room. If your room is already elegant & elaborate, uplighting can accentuate architecture, intricate details, and areas of interest & importance. Wall Washing is typically produced by placing a few or many lights on the walls or around the room. The lights can be in a variety of colors & lengths. With colored lights, you can bring out personalities, play on established color schemes, wow your guests, and influence moods. We can even program the lighting system so that the shade/s of the wall slowly changes throughout the night to further the magic of ambiance & color. We always want to make sure that we take your actual room into consideration and that the color of the uplights BLEND and do not clash with the already existing colors of the room. This requires fine tuning at your event as well as a vast knowledge of the world of color & equipment to make the colors blend perfectly.

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