Bring us your vision, wishes, passions, and loves, and we can help you turn a typical reception site into a picture from your favorite magazine.  In fact, many of our clients have had pictures of their events featured in magazines! You may be surprised to find out how many options are available (both monetarily and visually), and the many ways we can change the aesthetic dynamic of your event.

We can help you with one aspect of the event (lighting, chair covers, etc.) or help you develop an entire design from start to finish.  It's all your choice! Our team consists of theater and set designers, wedding planners, graphic designers, florists, lighting technicians, seamstresses, and artists.  Couple our elite team with our 224 year experience and we are ready to take your event to the next level!

Several on site venue walkthroughs will be essential.  We will show you how to creatively and elegantly stimulate the five senses of your guests from the moment the celebration begins until the conclusion of the evening.  We will help you produce an awe-inspiring and successful event.

The size, style, color, or original appearance of a room is of no matter to our design team.  Calla can transform a cold, large room into an energetically vibrant and warm space with linens, lighting, flowers, fabric decor, special touches, and our 24 years of experience.  In comparison, we can take a small venue and convert it into a specific theme, inspiration, or feeling that speaks about all of you and what you love.  Our creation expand the perspective of space and design, leaving our guests astounded, entertained, and talking about your event for years to come.


All Inclusive Five Senses Design Consulting: $1500


A La Carte Services




Chair Covers or Accessories

Thematic Sweets, Candy, & Cookie Tables

Customized Dance Floors

Menu Cards


Escort & Place Card Tables



Tables, Chairs, TableTop Pieces

Fabric Décor

Party Rentals

Thematic Pieces


Room & Party Set Design 


Calla Events, Design, & Travel is your connection to inspired & elegant event design.

Elevate the elegance!


Chair Covers & Linens

Invitations, Menu Cards, & Programs





Thematic Candy & Sweets Tables

Tables, Chairs, Rentals, & Props




Fabric Decor & Lighting

Flowers & Centerpieces