FAQ's For a Pittsburgh Wedding Planner

  1. Where do we begin? 
  2. What services and products are available? What's new? What's different?
  3. What is wedding etiquette?
  4. Based on our wedding style, what can we expect our total wedding budget to be?
  5. How can we control expenses?
  6. Where can we have our ceremony and reception?
  7. What needs to be considered before we choose these sites?
  8. What is included in a good reception package?
  9. How do we determine the service hours we will need from the various professionals?
  10. I'm not a detail oriented person, how do I survive?
  11. What if something goes wrong? 
  12. What if one of the vendors does not show or really messes up?
  13. I have family members that don't get along, who will referee?
  14. I want my family and friends to have fun, not work, but who helps?
  15. How can I have a fun and relaxing time on my wedding day?
  16. How can i have quality time with my family and friends?
  17. What if I can't stop crying? What if I'm overtaken by Stress?
  18. I have no time or energy. Can you plan and coordinate some of this for me?

Below we have listed answers to a few of the more complex questions. Please call if you have inquiries on the above or one of your own. Share your ideas and we will pull it all together for you.  No idea is too small or large.  If we haven't provided it before (chances are we have) we'll research until we can fulfill your desires.

Q: My husband and I both work full time.  To make matters worse, I go to school at night.  Although we have more money since we both work, we have no time.  We want a beautiful wedding but by the time we have a moment to breathe we are too tired to pick up the phone or research the industry.  The last thing we want to do is sit at a computer. Can you help?

A: Yes! it is ironic. More money but less time! As Pittsburgh weddings are much more elaborate than in the past, more time, expertise, knowledge and energy is needed for planning appropriately.  Thirty to forty years ago couples had time to plan.  The modern day couple is being pulled in so many different directions.  They are faced with commitments at home, work, social life, and let's not forget each other. So yes, relax a little, and let a Pittsburgh Wedding Planner do the work for you.  Stay healthy and enjoy this year, before you run yourself down and it all passes you by.

Q: I would love to hire a  Pittsburgh Wedding Planner but don't they cost like a zillion dollars?

A: Those on restricted budgets actually need Wedding Coordinators the most.  Without proper planning, organization, knowledge, and experience, a Pittsburgh Wedding could cost you twice as much.  As Wedding Planners, we negotiate with quality vendors for the lowest price and show you how to cut costs that will keep you on budget.  In today's busy world a couple needs "affordable extravagance".

Q: How many different wedding service providers are there and who do we need to book?

A: There can be a hundred possible services/products to plan (more if you use your imagination).  You will need to book those vendors you feel comfortable with after we have given you various options of those we feel comfortable with and think you would prefer.  You choose the best service at a fair price from a list of vendors who we have complete confidence in recommending.

Q: I am interested in your Pittsburgh Wedding Planning services, but I don't want someone to take over and run the whole show.  I love planning and I'm having a great time.  However I just would like someone I can call along the way if I'm stuck. Can I hire a Pittsburgh Wedding Planner for just a little bit of help?

A: Yes, as Pittsburgh Wedding Planners we can handle as little or as much as you need.  Simply selecting a photographer or hiring a band to full scale production- the amount of Pittsburgh Wedding Planning help we provide is your choice! You design your own wedding and make the final decisions-we just give you as much help and as many options as you desire.  We have many different packages, including a complimentary consultation.  You can also pay for various services by the hour.  As time goes on, and you see that you may need more help, you can always add packages or services to your contract.

Q: How can I tell if you are really providing me with a reputable vendor?

A: As Pittsburgh Wedding Planners, our reputation and future business depend on the quality of services, including vendors, that your receive.  Your satisfaction is our best advertisement.  So, it is to our benefit to recommend you the best vendor for your budget and desires.

Q: I am completely overwhelmed.  There is constantly so much to do! There is not enough time in the day and our list of duties seem endless.  We don't even know if we are doing things in the right order! I'm so afraid I'm going to forget something.  The worst part, my fiance and I are arguing more than ever because we are not spending enough time together. Can you help?

A: How do you spell relief? PITTSBURGH WEDDING PLANNER. We would be happy to help and offer you respit from the tension and frustration you have from dealing with the unknown.  We will give you the freedom to really have fun and enjoy your own wedding day.  we will work, and allow you to be a guest at your own wedding.  Have peace of mind.  We will carry out all of your wishes and "take charge!"